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Updated 2020-21 WISD School Year for Student Programs:


Updated 2020-21 Early Childhood Program Year:

  • Update to WISD's Programs and Administrative Office (released 11/18/2020)
  • Phase 4: WISD staff will continue connecting with families virtually to discuss individualized plans for children and families and to review any ongoing needs, such as technology. Fully virtual home visits will continue, which will include engaging children and families, reviewing protocols, and working toward your child's and family's outcomes. When required, appropriate accommodations will be provided.
  • Phase 5: When it is safe to do so, a transition to in-person services may begin in mutually agreed upon safe spaces. During Phase 5, families may continue with virtual home visits.
  • Phase 6: Home visiting will transition to in-person services with virtual services as appropriate. 
  • Playgroups: Playgroups will continue virtually during Phases 4 and 5, and will transition to in-person playgroups during Phase 6.


WISD's COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan


COVID-19 Resources and Support Hotline

  • Any WISD employee, parent or student in need of resources or support can call (734) 302-2600. This line goes directly to a voicemail where they can leave a message requesting assistance and someone from a dedicated WISD team will respond to them directly within 24 hours.
  • Visit our Basic Needs webpage here


Internet Connectivity

  • Comcast Internet Essentials package for $9.95/month for qualifying households.

  • In partnership with Merit Network, Toyota, and Cisco, WISD is managing free wi-fi access spots across Washtenaw County during business hours (these sites are not live yet, but are coming soon; more information is available here):

    • Chelsea High School (Chelsea Schools)
    • Chelsea Early Childhood Center (Chelsea Schools)
    • Beacon Elementary School (Dexter Community Schools)
    • Creekside Intermediate School (Dexter Community Schools)
    • Brick Elementary School (Lincoln Consolidated Schools)
    • Lincoln Middle School (Lincoln Consolidated Schools)
    • Lincoln High School (Lincoln Consolidated Schools)
    • Riverside Intermediate School (Manchester Community Schools)
    • Milan High School - 3 access points (Milan Area Schools)
    • Harvest Elementary School (Saline Area Schools)
    • Pleasant Ridge Elementary School (Saline Area Schools)
    • Liberty School (Saline Area Schools)
    • Whitmore Lake High School (Whitmore Lake Public Schools)
    • Whitmore Lake Middle School (Whitmore Lake Public Schools)
    • Whitmore Lake Elementary School (Whitmore Lake Public Schools)
    • Washtenaw International High School (Washtenaw Educational Options Consortium)
    • High Point East (Washtenaw ISD & Ypsilanti Community Schools)
    • Washtenaw Intermediate School District Teaching and Learning Center (Washtenaw ISD)
    • Ypsilanti Community Middle School (Ypsilanti Community Schools)
    • Ypsilanti Community High School (Ypsilanti Community Schools)
    • Holmes Elementary School (Ypsilanti Community Schools)
  • Click here for a list of self-reported wi-fi access spots by other organizations
  • Comcast/Xfinity public hotspots
  • Charter/Spectrum public hotspots



Any WISD employee or caregiver in need of child care can search this list for providers who are enrolling children.


Staff Professional Development Opportunities

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