Restorative Justice

WISD Restorative Justice Vision 2019/2020

We consistently and inclusively invest in making relationships matter most in successful learning communities where the dignity, rights, and needs of all members are valued and respected. We are building a restorative community that is safe, supportive and conscious of injustice. When community is harmed, accountability involves collaborative communication, skills-building, and harm-healing to build trust and strengthen relationships.

Mission and Strategic Priorities

  • supporting adoption of restorative justice philosophy and practices throughout the Washtenaw Intermediate School District,
  • providing training and support for schools to regularly practice staff- and student-led circles for learning, community-building, and addressing conflict and misconduct using trauma-sensitive approaches,
  • hosting peer-mediation teams/councils that help address conflict and identify situations of harm that need to be addressed,
  • offering conflict coaching for members at all levels of the learning community,
  • hosting collaborative networks of practitioners who will engage and empower schools to adopt relationship-focused paradigm.

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Introduction to Restorative Justice- October 3, 2019

Restorative Circles Training- October 10, 2019

Introduction to Restorative Justice- January 21, 2020

Restorative Circles Training- January 22, 2020

2019/2020 Calendar:

WISD Restorative Justice 2019/2020 Calendar (pdf)

WISD Restorative Justice 2019/2020 Flyer (pdf)


WISD Restorative Justice Vision & Mission Statement (pdf)

WISD Restorative Justice Vision Summary Report 2019/2020 (pdf)

WISD Restorative Justice Strategic Initiatives 2019/2020 (pdf)

Restorative Justice in Education:

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For Restorative Justice Services and Training for Special Education Circles, contact Dispute Resolution Education Resources at 833.543.7178.

Restorative Justice Tools from Trainings:

Preconferencing Worksheet (pdf)

Circle Checklist (pdf)

Outcome Plan Agreement (pdf)

Elementary Student Restorative Thinking (pdf)

Restorative Thinking Form (pdf)