Parents and Families

Updated 2020-21 WISD school year:

  • August 31-September 4: WISD staff will connect with each family to discuss individualized plans for students and families and review any needs for the school year, such as technology.
  • September 8: Fully virtual instruction will begin, which will include re-engaging students and families, reviewing protocols, and establishing new structures and routines.
  • September 21: Virtual instruction continues, but if it is safe to do so, individualized face-to-face programming may begin for a small number of low-risk students or families with low-risk staff and in low-risk spaces.
  • September 28: WISD will begin re-evaluating virtual and individualized programming, impact, and results, as well as current COVID-19 data and research, to make adjustments.


WISD's COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan


COVID-19 Resources and Support Hotline

  • Any WISD employee, parent or student in need of resources or support can call (734) 302-2600. This line goes directly to a voicemail where they can leave a message requesting assistance and someone from a dedicated WISD team will respond to them directly within 24 hours.
  • Visit our Basic Needs webpage here.


Pandemic EBT Food Assistance

  • Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer Program (P-EBT) food assistance benefits will go to Michigan families with students ages 0-26 that are eligible for Free or Reduced-Price School Meals. Click here to learn more.


Caring for Your Physical and Mental Health


Child Care Resources


Technology Assistance for Parents and Guardians


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Educational Resources


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