Young Adult Project

Young Adult Project (YAP)

Staff with YAP student

The Young Adult Project is not classroom based, but rather, is a coordinated set of community based activities that is student led with the guidance of a teacher consultant and teacher assistant and is geared towards transitioning the student towards their post-secondary vision and goals.

  • YAP is not a program or a classroom, but rather a coordinated set of services provided in the adult’s community.
  • Each student utilizes a variety of agency supports, (Michigan Rehabilitative Services (MRS), Community Supports and Treatment Services (CSTS), Community Mental Health (CMH), and the WISD) community transportation, friends and family.
  • The young adult agrees to engage in adult problem-solving and adult scheduling and can do so with a level of independence.


Young Adult Project Overall Goals and Practice

  • The Young Adult develops a plan that includes sustainable resources
  • Increased self-advocacy into the adult system
  • Seamless transition to post-school adult services
  • Involved in the community, recreation, leisure and adult daily living
  • Participating in work or making progress toward sustainable work settings
  • Consideration of independent living situations, with support as needed
  • Work towards a student’s maximum potential for independence in their community
  • Involved in satisfying and productive activities for themselves and/or their community


Young Adult Project Supervisor

850 Red Oak Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Ph. (734) 994-8190, Option 3 - Fax. (734) 913-5957
Young Adult Project Administrative Support
850 Red Oak Rd. Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Ph. (734) 994-8190, Option 1 - Fax. (734) 913-5957
Young Adult Project Staff
Teacher Consultant
Teacher Consultant
Teacher Consultant
Teacher Consultant
Transition Coordinator/Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS)
Teacher Consultant/Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS)