Young Adult Programs

Young Adult student working in local grocery store

The Young Adult Services Model

All WISD services for post high school students eligible for continued services (as per the State of Michigan rules for Special Education).

The WISD Young Adult Services Model includes the following programs/services:



  •   Young Adult Classrooms located at High Point School
  •   Young Adult Community Based Program Sites
  •   Young Adult Project Services (YAP)

WISD Young Adult Services are developed with the student’s needs and goals in mind.  WISD staff along with the IEP team plan and develop Individual Educational Plans (IEPs) for each student.  The staff implement student-focused services through a range of activities that involve the student and his/her circle(s) of support.  Services provided by the WISD are coordinated with other service providers, family, friends, employers and others to best meet the individualized needs of the young adult student.  Instructional designs and programming reflect individual student needs aligned with state standards and outcomes.

WISD Young Adult Services strive to develop and maintain collaborative relationships with partner agencies, community resources, families, employers and others to provide high quality adult service supports to the students who participate with the WISD programs and services.

The Goal of our program is to assist individuals to be as successful and independent as possible in their adult roles as literate, healthy and fit individuals, involved citizens, self-directed lifelong learners and as productive workers/volunteers.

Literate Individuals:  Students in our Young Adult Programs will be able to communicate wants, needs feelings, and ideas effectively (receptive & expressive).

We show our success by:

  • Communicating information effectively and efficiently
  • Acquiring information

Healthy and Fit Individuals:  Students in our Young Adult Programs will be able to monitor their own behavior, show self-control, set personal goals, and maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle.

We show our success by:

  • Maintaining positive relationships with others
  • Establishing and maintaining healthy habits and practices
  • Developing positive social skills

Involved Citizen:  Students in our Young Adult Programs will be able to act responsibly for themselves, in their living/school environments as well as their community.

We show our success by:

  • Acting responsibly
  • Showing knowledge and awareness of our community and of other citizens

Self-Directed Lifelong Learners:  Students in our Young Adult Programs will be able to problem solve and advocate for themselves.

We show our success by:

  • Listening and evaluating information effectively
  • Participating in a wide variety of activities
  • Advocating and problem solving for self

Productive Worker: Students in our Young Adult Programs will find, apply for, interview and keep a job or volunteer experience.

We show our success by:

  • Being able to look for a job/volunteer opportunity that matches our abilities
  • Demonstrating good work habits
  • Showing our ability to maintain a job/volunteer opportunity


Young Adult Program Classrooms

  • Currently there are nine community based sites located throughout the county at which WISD’s young adult students with disabilities needs are met.
  • In total, the eight community based sites serve over 125 students aged 18-26 from 8 local school districts (Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Dexter, Lincoln, Manchester, Milan, Whitmore Lake, and Ypsilanti Community Schools) in Washtenaw County.
  • The instructional Day for the young adults who participate in the young adult community based site is approximately (differs slightly from site to site) from 7:48-2:35 Monday through Friday.
  • Transportation is provided to and from the site.  Some students elect to take public transportation.
  • Most of their education and training occurs in the community at occupational training sites, job sites, local community business sites or recreational venues in the community.


  Classroom Locations and Staff

Young Adult Program Supervisor

Rebekah Ralls-

1819 S. Wagner Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Ph. (734) 994-8100 ext. 1545 Fax. (734) 994-2203


Young Adult Program Administrative Support

Nancy Blair -

850 Red Oak Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Ph. (734) 994-8100 ext. 1520 Fax. (734) 436-8084


Carpenter Young  Adult Program

2835 Carpenter, Suite 1 & 3, Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Phone: (734) 994-8100 ext. 5000, Fax: (734) 975-0783

Laura Kinney, Teacher-


Chelsea Young Adult Program

114 N. Main St., Chelsea, MI 48118

Phone: (734) 994.8100 ext. 4100, Fax: (734) 433-1269

Tom Osbeck, Teacher –


Dexter Downtown Young Adult Program

7890 Ann Arbor Rd., Dexter, MI 48130

Phone: (734) 994-8100 ext. 4200, Fax: (734) 426-4827

Leah Vance, Teacher -


EMU Young Adult Program                                        

Eastern Michigan University, John W. Porter Building, Suite 129/130, Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Phone: (734) 487-6743/(734) 487-8985, Fax: (734) 480-1846

William Massey, Teacher-


Liberty Young Adult Program

3200 W. Liberty, Ann Arbor, MI 48106

Phone:  (734) 994-8100 ext. 5100

Kalli Nowitzke, Teacher -


Washtenaw News Young Adult

1935 S. Industrial, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Phone: (734) 994-8100 ext. 4300, Fax: (734) 994-8110

Pati Lawson, Teacher -


Washtenaw Community College – Young Adult Program

Tech & Industrial Bldg, Rms 130/132

Phone: (734) 677-5099, Fax: (734) 973-3440

Kristina Jackson, Teacher -


Ypsilanti Downtown Young Adult Program

301 W. Michigan Ave., Ste. 101 & A, Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Phone: (734) 994-8100 ext. 4500, Fax: (734) 485-2298

Gina Mastrofrancesco, Teacher –


Red Oak Young Adult Program

Supervisor - Lynette Arons -

850 Red Oak Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Phone: (734) 994-8190, Fax (734) 436-8084

Claudia Doudney, Teacher -

Erin Sanford, Teacher -

Jamie Spaulding, Teacher -

Terry Weaver, Teacher -