Local-Based Programs & Classrooms

Local-Based Programs work in conjunction with High Point School in the areas of: school improvement, mission, curriculum, staff development, input from stakeholders, evaluation processes, specialized schools, achievement data, retention/drop out rate, accreditation, parent participation and core curriculum.Teacher works with student at Dexter Local Based Classroom

Local-based programs are located in the following schools:

Supervisor:  Rebekah Ralls                         bralls@washtenawisd.org
Administrative Support: Nancy Blair       nblair@washtenawisd.org

Eberwhite Elementary School
800 Soule Blvd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
(734) 994-8478
Teacher - Lauren Bellmore, lbellmore@washtenawisd.org

Milan Middle School
920 North St.
Milan, 48160
(734) 439-5255
Teacher - Devona Watts, dwatts@washtenawisd.org

Dexter High School
2200 North Parker Road
Dexter, MI 48130
(734) 424-4240
Teacher - Elizabeth Westfall, ewestfall@washtenawisd.org

High Point School
1735 S. Wagner Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Main Office: (734) 994-8100, ext. 1600

Supervisor: Jennifer Parrelly  jparrelly@washtenawisd.org
Administrative Support:  LaFawn Carter lcarter@washtenawisd.org