Related Service Staff

Related Support Services

The Washtenaw ISD provides the following related support service personnel: speech and language therapists, social worker, psychologist, occupational and physical therapists, visual impairment services, and an assistive technology resource consultant. These related support services provide direct and indirect consultation to local district staff, students and families. They also conduct assessments of students with special needs, develop individual programs and offer professional development to school personnel and the community.

Department Contacts:

Cherie Vannatter

Assistant Superintendent, Achievement and Student Services
734-994-8100 ext. 1543

Deborah Hester-Washington
Compliance Monitoring, TC and PSA Supervision
734-994-8100 ext. 1456

Rebekah Ralls
Interim Young Adult Community Classrooms, Local-based Classrooms, Visually Impaired Supervision
734-994-8100  ext. 1545 

Lynette Arons
Young Adult Classrooms at YA Red Oak, Young Adult Project, and DHH Supervision
734-994-8100 ext. 1562

Julie Voelker
Progress Park (formerly Forest School) and A/B Team Supervision
734-994-3340 ext. 4703

Jennifer Parrelly
High Point Supervision
734-994-8100 ext. 1610 

JT Sangsland
CIY and Washtenaw County Jail Services Supervision