Washtenaw ISD Administration

Washtenaw ISD Administrative Staff

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Superintendent:  Scott A. Menzel

     734/994-8100 x 1300

Asst. Superintendent, Administrative and Support Services: Brian Marcel

     734/994-8100 x 1402

Asst. Superintendent, Achievement and Systems Support: Naomi Norman

     734/994-8100 x 1263

Asst. Superintendent, Achievement and Student Services: Cherie Vannatter

     734/994-8100 x 1543

Executive Director Human Resources and Legal Services: Cassandra Harmon-Higgins

     734/994-8100 x 1311

Executive Director, Early Childhood Programs: Alan Oman

     734/994-8100 x 1275

Director, Finance: Sherri Papazoglou

     734/994-8100 x 1432

Chief Information Officer: Merri Lynn Colligan

     734/994-8100 x 1281

Director, Operations: Diane Sevigny 

     734/994-8100 x 1403

Executive Director, Community and School Partnerships: Holly Heaviland

     734/994-8100 x 1250

Executive Director, Washtenaw Educational Options Consortium: David Dugger


Communications & Public Relations: Ashley Kryscynski 

     734/994-8100 x 1321