Days and Hours Forms

Days and Clock Hours reporting forms for the 2015-16 school year are available.  They have been updated on 8/13/15 to completely unlock the document and allow copying of additional hours of instruction forms.

Minimum Required Days

2015-16 School Year: 175 days

2016-17 School Year: 180 days


Minimum Required Hours

Grades 1-12:  1098 hours


Note: Kindergarten is not required to meet a minimum number of days and may schedule less than 1098 hours, but FTE must be pro-rated for any pupils attending a part-time kindergarten program.


See instructions on Day and Hours of instruction form for example to calculate pro-rated FTE.

Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE): 144 Days, 360 Hours


An alternative education program may request from Michigan Department of Education, Office of State Aid and School Finance, a waiver of the minimum required days and hours of instruction.  See Resources tab for a link to State Aid and School Finance forms on MDE web site.

Labor Day Rule

Classes may not begin until after Labor Day.  The only exceptions are international baccalaureate programs which schedule at least 1,160 annual instructional hours and schools that apply to MDE to become a bona fide year-round school (also known as balanced calendar).  Part of the balanced calendar application process is requesting a waiver to start school before Labor Day.

Forgiven Days and Hours

Six (6) days of instruction canceled due to situations beyond the control of school authorities may be forgiven. Valid reasons include snow days, power outages and widespread illness (i.e. many students out due to flu or H1N1). This applies to ALL grades, K-12 and Early Childhood Special Education.

For more details, see Section 101 of State School Aid Act (MCL 388.1701).

Education Entity Master Days and Clock Hours Submission

2014-15 EEM D/CH QuickGuide

Contact Monica Hill, Pupil Accounting Auditor, with any questions.  Phone: 734/994-8100 x1411; email:; Fax: 734/994-2203.

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