WISD SchoolMessenger

Our school district has moved to the SchoolMessenger notification system to provide communiqué to our students, staff members, and the community at large on such matters as admissions, general interest activities, campus emergencies, and building system outages and/or school closings.  By signing up for and registering your contact information with SchoolMessenger, you are assured of timely communications from WISD..

In order to enhance our ability to accurately deliver that information we kindly request that you create your own contact profile using SchoolMessenger's web portal.

How to sign up for School Messenger

Updated information:  Even if you've already signed up for SchoolMessenger alerts, please read the following and update your SchoolMessenger account accordingly.  Your notifications will not work correctly until you update your Organization Settings in your account.

If you have already created a School Messenger account, and have not updated your Organization Settings, the you will need to revisit your account to update your Organization Settings.

Creating a new account in SchoolMessenger:  If you have not created an account in SchoolMessenger, please follow the instructions titled "Steps To Setting Up Your Account For The First Time" and create a new account.

Updating your account in SchoolMessenger:  If you have already created an account in SchoolMessenger, please follow the instructions titled "Steps For Changing Your Account Settings, After You Have Set Up Your Account" to update your account.

Removing your SchoolMessenger Account:   If you wish to remove yourself from the WISD SchoolMessenger system.

The URL login for WISD SchoolMessenger is:  https://asp.schoolmessenger.com/washtenaw/subscriber/