Printing and Scanning

Printing and Scanning Troubleshooting, Documentation and Information

All printing at Washtenaw ISD occurs as a result of our network print server.  If you find that you have no printing capabilities, please call x1286 with your computer name and we’ll take care of the problem.
For general troubleshooting tips, standard documentation and information please see below.



How do I install a printer at Washtenaw ISD? As long as you are working on a WISD-issued laptop or desktop, just follow the instructions in this document to add a network printer. If you experience any difficulties with the process, simply call our Help Desk at extension 1286 with your computer’s name and we will add your computer to the printer’s group. Log off, log back on, the printer should load, and you’ll be all set.

I’ve brought my computer in from home… how do I print?  We’re sorry, but policy prevents us from allowing computers not purchased and setup by the Washtenaw ISD printing privileges on the secure network.  Washtenaw ISD has one public printer in the Conference Center.  Conference staff can assist you in setting up your machine to print to this printer.

For any of the following questions, please click on the appropriate link for further information.

Some printer troubleshooting steps.

How do I print to labels?

How to set your default printer. 

HP Printer Troubleshooting

If you experience printing quality difficulties with a local printer, such as poor toner quality, streaks on your print job, or potentially malfunctioning equipment, please use the MOS sticker on the printer to contact this vendor for service. Please note that this does not include Konica copiers.

MOS (Michigan Office Solutions) currently restocks our printer toner automatically and also provides maintenance for our equipment.

If you call for service or to request extra toner, you will need to provide the MOS number on the printer. You should see a code similar to this (the last 3 digits will most likely be different): MOS C0162

MOS Customer Service:1.800.442.9070

MOS Website:   Click on ‘Customer Service’ to enter a customer service request.

Printing Posters and Large Copy Print Jobs

To print large copy jobs or posters, please use an outside vendor, such as Advance Print & Graphics. Advance Print & Graphics has provided the WISD with a web portal to place such orders. Please see your department secretary for instructions on placing a print job order.

If you use Advance Print & Graphics as your vendor, please use the form below to provide your department secretary with the information needed to place your order, along with a PDF version of your print job.  

Advance Print & Graphics Order Form


Scanning comes in two flavors at Washtenaw ISD:

  1. Using the Konica/Minolta copiers to scan to your email account
  2. CEO secure document scanning.


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