The Medicaid SBS Program

Michigan's School Based Services (SBS) program has its legal basis in the 1988 amendment to the Social Security Act [42USC1396 b(c)]. This Act allows for partial reimbursement to schools for health services.

What The SBS Program Provides

In Michigan, the Medicaid School Based Services program provides partial reimbursement for services such as Occupational therapy, Physical therapy, Speech therapy, Psychological services, Social work services, Orientation and mobility services, Transportation, Nursing services, Case management and Assistive technology services.

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Parent/Guardian Consent to Share Student Information


Random Moment Time Studies

The Medicaid Random Moment Time Study (RMTS) is a process used by the State of Michigan to help determine the cost of providing services to students in schools.  ISDs must participate as part of the School-Based Services reimbursement program.


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Provider Tip Sheets


Referral and Authorization Forms


Program Contacts

Dr. Jennifer Scott-Burton
Executive Director, Special Education
734-994-8100 x1543

Lana Stiebe
Technical Assistant
734-994-8100 x1548

Ana Alas
Technical Assistant
734-994-8100 x1556